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TWO-A FOOD creates a healthy

and happy eating culture for Babies & Kids.

Puffed Rice Ring _ Baby Snack

This product is made by mixing rice and vegetable or fruit ingredients and using an extruder. It is good for children to eat because it is soft to the touch using a dedicated extruder.

It can also be coated after extrusion to add various flavors.

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Popuffs Organic ingredients

Baby snacks 
Made with Korean 
Organic ingredients

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Organic puffed rice ring containing nutrients essential

for growing babies & children 

Easy for babies 
to grasp and eat

It melts gently 
in the mouth

Use of Korean 
organic rice

Use of Korean 
organic vegetables or fruits

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100% organic rice and brown rice produced in Korea that you can trust, and carefully selected raw materials.

As it is not fried with oil, it contains the taste and nutrition as it is.

Customized snacks step by step with various products! This is a safe snack that does not 
contain salt or sugar.

(Sodium indicated in the nutritional ingredients of some products is the unique sodium in rice, vegetables, and fruits.)

In order to deliver the cleanliness of nature by using organic and eco-friendly raw materials from Korea, it is made with reliable and carefully selected materials and the right process at facilities.


(Main ingredients-Organic rice and brown rice, made with

eco-friendly Korean vegetables and fruits.)


Food you can trust

Right food_Puffed Rice Ring

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Delicious baby snacks _ Puffed rice ring

you can trust “ 7 additive-free ”

In order to create the natural taste, it is made with 
the desire to give only good things, refraining from 
artificial flavors, using no chemical ingredients. It is a brown rice (rice) confectionery containing a large amount of essential nutrients.

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Healthy rice rusk for baby made with 
organic ingredients from Korea

It is a snack that can be eaten safely with the combination of organic rice cake made with pure and reliable 
ingredients, organic white rice and natural ingredients.
We use ingredients produced through 
strict management processes.
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Healthy organic sweets
“ Nutritious rice eyes ”

It is a taste dance snack that adds flavor and 
nutrition using rice seeds (embryos), which account for about 66% of the nutrients in rice.

Why is rice good?

Rich in vitamin B1 and various vitamins, good for brain development

Contains gaba 
ingredients that relieve stress and help you relax

Contains proteins and essential fatty acids that support growth

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Soft sweets that contain nutrients

It's not fried in oil, it's made of rice cakes, and

it's easy to eat and melts gently.

Rice cake made with rice is used

Soft texture 
that is good to eat

you can trust


development Brain


Soft texture that is good to eatBrain development

No sugar, color, flavor, flour

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A nutritious baby snack to check carefully

Always sticking to honest ingredients, we make snacks that

you can trust through a meticulous manufacturing process.

HACCP is an independent process by identifying hazards that may occur at each stage of food raw material 
production through manufacturing, processing, preservation, and distribution stages before consumption by the final consumer, and determining important control points for intensive management. It can be said to be a scientific hygiene management system to secure food safety through systematic and efficient management.

“Organic processed food” refers to processed foods that have used 95% or more of organic products grown on land that has not used any pesticides and chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years. It is a safe food certified by 
comprehensively judging the manufacturing process.

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