TWO-A FOOD creates a healthy

and happy eating culture.

Our Story

TWO-A Food will do its best to create an advanced food culture by raising the dignity of taste to the next level and to create safe food that customers desire.

TWO-A Is a company specializing in planning, producing and exporting Korean baby foods that always pursue change and lead new food trends.

Starting in 2009, We has been growing together by exporting products from small and medium-sized enterprises boasting innovative technology and quality in Korea.

Accordingly, TWOA is rapidly introducing the latest  products in Korea and supplying OEM or ODM to buyers in need.

OEM  Process


Office: #909A , 402 Worldcupbuk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Email. sales@ricerusks.com / Tel. +82.70 7720 8210 / Whatsapp: +82.1028619747                            

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